Ana Anders, L.I.C.S.W.




Since the Network’s inception in 2001, Ana Anders, NIDA's Senior Advisor on Special Populations and the NHSN Project Officer, has worked tirelessly to advance the mission of the National Hispanic Science Network in the field of drug abuse research.

Her commitment and dedication was honored at the 2012 NHSN conference. Ana's response to this honor is included below:



Words are not enough, but what my heart felt and still feels is beautiful. Can people feel happy without love? Of course not, love is the strong force that moves us. I felt that from all of you. And it is not new, it has been growing for 12 years. I have learned from all of you; and in different ways. But the package is a winner.

After 51 years of public service, I'm retiring. I began to feel that work was interfering with my life. That's not an option to go to work. I feel passion for the work I'm doing in the community and will continue to give perhaps more than I was. My grandchildren still ask me to come for dinner a little early so we can "hang out". I love my time with them, and soon they'll want to spend more time with their friends, so I cherish the time with them now.

Talking with Patricia Molina,  I mentioned that the NHSN began because it was "a perfect storm". What is now will not come back, so having Alan Leshner and his enthusiasm and support for the NHSN made it possible. That hiring me to "do Hispanic" helped too. But as I like to say; you read the ingredients in a recipe and you know if the product will be good.

Look at the "ingredients" in the NHSN, and how could it not succeed? You as a group and individually bring a treasure to the organization; it needs to go on, we owe it to all the young people that attended the 2012 conference, and the ones that will attend in years to come. Is "thank you" for making me feel so special enough? I was trying to find the words, and I failed.

I'm still on cloud nine and will remain for a long time.

Of course; wearing my pearls...

Mucho love to all of you,