Welcome to the NHSN




Since its inception in 2001, the National Hispanic Science Network (NHSN), in partnership with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), has worked tirelessly to make significant advances in the field of drug abuse research.

Aside from promoting interdisciplinary and translational research across a broad range of disciplines on a national and international front, NHSN has also set the groundwork for early career scientists to develop a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in both science and grantsmanship, and provide a sound vision for their future as researchers.

Through the incredible commitment and vision of the National Steering Committee, the NHSN has grown from 50 members in 2001 to a current membership base of over 500. Each year, the annual conference has increased in excellence, introducing cutting edge topics, while building necessary networking and mentoring opportunities for our members. International research collaborations have also developed, and the NHSN continues to work closely with the NIDA International Office to introduce international members to the Network.

Finally, NHSN also continues to introduce exciting and beneficial initiatives for our early career members. These include programs developed by the Early Career Leadership Committee (ECLC) including a mentoring conference call program, and awards to fund pilot projects; travel awards to the NIH Intramural Summer Internship Program; the highly regarded Interdisciplinary Research Training Institute; and a newly-funded Mentoring Program for Early Stage Investigators.

The NHSN mission reflects a broad scientific focus beyond drug abuse in order to support research to address health disparities, with an emphasis on improving the health equity of Hispanics. In an era of transdisciplinary and transformational research, this creates a broader scientific scope for our membership.

Thank you for your involvement, investment, and support. It is to your credit that the NHSN has grown to become the dynamic and successful Network that it is today.