Early Career Leadership Committee (ECLC)


There are many issues that are unique to researchers at the early stages of their career development including: 

  • Developing valuable research skills at the graduate and post-doctoral level.
  • Acquiring a faculty position.
  • Writing successful grants.
  • Networking with scientists and federal liaisons that can facilitate the development of your career path.

Given the unique challenges of researchers who are in the beginning stages of their career, the mission of this committee is to provide early career scientists with valuable resources that will help meet the challenge of becoming an independent and successful researcher.

To achieve this goal, our website provides a listing of relevant events, open positions, and funding opportunities to meet your needs.

We also provide a Mentoring Initiative that will provide individualized feedback on various topics including experiment planning, grant proposals, dissertation defense practice, or career feedback. Please feel free to use this service in whatever capacity you think will help you.