Welcome to the International Subcommittee

¡Bienvenidos al Subcomité de Colaboración e Investigación Internacional!

Welcome to the International Research Collaboration Subcommittee!
Since January 2004, we have led the effort to expand the boundaries of the NHSN into the international arena, including the representation of international scientists, students and perspectives in our annual conference and Interdisplinary Research Training Institute (IRTI). We are also very excited to have been a leader in the recent formalization of REDLA (RED Latino Americana de Investigadores en Drogas), whose mission is to advance drug epidemiology and other research while addressing specific needs in Latin America. The idea for REDLA was born at the 2005 NHSN conference, resulting in a major collaboration between the NHSN and this emerging network of Latin American investigators. The support of the NHSN and the NIDA International Office has been invaluable in all of these achievements.

This international section includes information on international research issues and priorities, research collaboration and funding opportunities, and resources to promote the advancement of international scientific knowledge and to support the career development of our international investigators. The success of this page will depend in large part on you, our members, to send us information that may be of help or interest to others. We encourage the participation of all NHSN members or potential members who are interested in international issues and collaborations. Please call on us to share ideas and resources, to connect to others with similar interests, or to find out more about becoming an International Member.