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Professor and Chair
Michigan State University, The Medical Schools
Department of Epidemiology
Dept. of Epidemiology (B601 West Fee)
MSU College of Human Medicine
East Lansing, MI 48824
United States of America

Office 517-353-8623 x100
Fax (517) 432-1130

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Research Scientists

Member Since: 2004


James C. Anthony, Ph.D.

James C. Anthony, Ph.D.


PDF Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. University of Minnesota
M.Sc. University of Minnesota
B.A. Carleton College


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Recent Publications

Degenhardt L, Bohnert KM, Anthony JC. (2007). Assessment of cocaine and other drug dependence in the general population: "Gated" versus "ungated" approaches. Drug Alcohol Depend.

Reed PL, Anthony JC, Breslau N. (2007). Incidence of drug problems in young adults exposed to trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder: do early life experiences and predispositions matter? Arch Gen Psychiatry. 64(12):1435-42.

Storr CL. Ialongo NS, Anthony JC, Breslau N. (2007).Childhood antecedents of exposure to traumatic events and posttraumatic stress disorder. Am J Psychiatry. 164:119-25.

Breslau N, Anthony JC. (2007). Gender differences in the sensitivity to posttraumatic stress disorder: An epidemiological study of urban young adults. J Abnorm Psychol. 116(3):607-11.

Crum RM, Storr CL, Ialongo N, Anthony JC. (2008). Is depressed mood in childhood associated with an increased risk for initiation of alcohol use during early adolescence? Addict Behav. 33(1):24-40.