Mid Career Leadership Committee (MCLC)


The evolution from early career to mid-career scientist is a complicated process that has unique challenges and opportunities. Researchers in the mid-career stage may be grappling with the following issues: 

  • Developing research management skills

  • Handling administrative and leadership opportunities

  • Finding mentors for support with mid-career challenges

  • Acquiring tenure and post tenure promotion

  • Creating international and collaborative interdisciplinary teams

  • Networking with scientists and federal liaisons

  • Balancing service commitments to the university and profession

  • Disseminating their research and bolstering their scientific reputations

Given the unique challenges of researchers who are in the middle stages of their career, the mission of the MCLC is: To support the advancement of scientific research on Hispanic substance use and its consequences to improve individual and public health through the advancement of mid-career scientists towards independent NIH funding and career development towards the full professor level. 

In an effort to support this mission we implement mentoring pods at the annual national conference and will be meeting to discuss other initiatives from the MCLC.

I am excited to spearhead this initiative to create opportunities for mid-career scientists to achieve their career goals.  We have a talented group of leaders listed on our Core Group page and would be excited if you would be interested in joining our group or otherwise supporting our work. 



Cristina Mogro-Wilson, PhD