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Avelardo Valdez, Ph.D.
Professor & Director
University of Southern California
School of Social Work
1149 S. Hill Street, Suite 360
Los Angeles, CA  90015
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Project Administrator
Erika Guerrero, M.P.H.
University of Southern California
1149 S. Hill Street, Suite 360
Los Angeles, CA 90015
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Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Research Training Institute (IRTI)


While drug abuse in the United States continues to have a disproportionate impact on ethnic minorities, particularly Hispanics, the number of researchers studying the problem remains relatively small. The Interdisciplinary Research Training Institute (IRTI) works alongside the NHSN to promote the career development of pre-doctoral, post-doctoral and early career scientists interested in conducting research on drug abuse among Hispanics. It is the IRTI’s mission to provide training and education to researchers, preparing them to confront the health disparities and drug abuse concerns surrounding Hispanic populations.  Check out our website!

IRTI provides three core activities to research fellows:

• Training
• Mentoring
• Networking

The goal is to ensure an infrastructure of constant support for fellows to conduct, present, publish and acquire funding for National Institutes of Health (NIH) research. To achieve this goal, we provide an intensive interdisciplinary summer training program along with a formal mentorship process from a team of interdisciplinary senior faculty members. Selected fellows also have the opportunity to participate in networking development to build and maintain relationships and connections with leading experts in the field of Hispanic drug abuse research.

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